Press Release

RPS in support of direct access to contraceptive pill for under 16s

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is entirely supportive of the provision of NHS services to young people where there is an unmet need.

Pharmacy already has a proven track record in providing emergency hormonal contraception with many women choosing to use pharmacy for this service.

We are confident that pharmacists who supply the contraceptive pill to young people will follow exactly the same guidelines as doctors and nurses, and provide the same level care to ensure the use of contraception is both safe and effective.

This means pharmacists must be fully satisfied that young people understand all the issues before they supply contraception, and will encourage the young person to talk to their parents. Pharmacists will also offer advice on avoiding sexually transmitted infections. Consultations of this type take place in private areas of the pharmacy.

We are encouraged to see that this pilot has found some evidence that when oral contraception is made available through pharmacy the use of emergency contraception decreases.

The story features on BBC News and The Times. It was also covered across 14 BBC regional radio stations.

Watch Neal Patel on BBC News

Listen below to Howard Duff, RPS Director for England, speaking to BBC Radio Tees and RPS spokesperson Neal Patel on BBC Radio Manchester: