RPS in The Times: Pharmacists' role in urgent care

Pharmacists have a big role to play in urgent and emergency care says RPS President

Reacting to the news that more physician associates will be trained and employed in A&E departments, RPS President Ash Soni wrote to The Times to outline the important role pharmacists play in urgent and emergency care published today. Ash wrote:

"Moves to help ease pressure in A&|E units with plans to employ more physician associates are welcome.  However, one set of healthcare professionals missing from the plans is pharmacists, many of whom already work in A&E taking bloods and medical histories.

"The role of pharmacists is expanding across all urgent care settings as they demonstrate their value.  A national study covering 49 A&E departments showed that pharmacists could, at present, manage 8% of call cases, rising to 28% of all cases with a year's extra training.  Pharmacists also provide urgent care services for those who can be treated in the community, which keep patiehnts from turning up at A&E in the first place.

"With winter pressures upon us and the NHS creaking at the seams, the time to capitalise on the pharmacy workforce is now."