RPS launches toolkit for research, evidence and evaluation

The RPS is launching today the Research, Evidence and Evaluation Toolkit. This new interactive resource will support you to identify, recognise and further develop your research skills and help you engage in activities that generate evidence. With future planned development of the REET, users will be able to access this toolkit through an interactive online system.

Through a set of structured context rich examples, this toolkit aligns to nationally recognised professional development frameworks (including the RPS Foundation and Advanced Pharmacy Frameworks). Collectively, the described knowledge and skills form the building blocks for all pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists undertaking (or wishing to undertake) research and evaluation activities across all sectors and scopes of practice. The REET also facilitates self-reflection of individual skills level and skills gap and therefore enables the identification of professional development needs. For pharmacists who are members of the RPS, this toolkit can also be a useful tool to support your Foundation and Faculty journeys, as well as to target your continuous professional development (CPD) and continuing fitness to practice (CFtP).

Target audience – Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists as well as education and training providers, mentors, employers or any healthcare professionals undertaking (or interested in engaging in) pharmacy/pharmaceutical research and evaluation activities.

Aim – Facilitate the identification, recognition and development of skills and activities that generate evidence.

Key skillsets described

  1. Research skills, methods and strategy
  2. Research knowledge, intellectual ability and personal qualities
  3. Research management and leadership
  4. Communication and dissemination of research
  5. Research education and training
  6. Working with others and collaborating in research
  7. Impact, evaluation and translation of research
We will be testing this toolkit and online system during 2017 and we would love to have you involved. If you would like to be part of the user testing group please contact [email protected].
Rachel Joynes, RPS Head of the Research and Evaluation says “The REET is an exciting new resource that will hugely support pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists undertaking activities that generate evidence. It will be a particularly useful tool for those wishing to engage further in research and evaluation across any sector of practice”.