RPS mental health and wellbeing report – Scotland’s Interim CPhO responds

In response to our mental health and wellbeing report, Scotland's Interim Chief Pharmaceutical Officer Alison Strath has sent us the following message:

“Having good mental health, or being mentally healthy, is very important for all of us as individuals, and especially so for pharmacists and other health and social care professionals in order that we can offer the best care to our patients and communities.  I am very grateful to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and Pharmacist Support for their work on raising awareness of the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists.  I have asked to meet with the RPS Director for Scotland in order to consider what can be learnt from their work and any practical and purposeful support that can be provided to pharmacists. This will be particularly important for pharmacists who may feel more isolated in their workplace.”

Find out more about our wellbeing campaign or visit Pharmacist Support for support and advice.


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