RPS pre-registration advisory group

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) aims to support, develop and recognise members at all stages of their career and development. We know that practitioners who are well supported throughout their professional careers are better equipped to adapt and deliver excellent pharmaceutical care for the benefit of patients and the public.

The pre-registration year is an essential part of a pharmacist’s career and ensuring that pre-registration trainees and their tutors are supported throughout the pre-registration year, and beyond, is a vital role for the RPS.  RPS already provides a range of support and resources for pre-registration trainees, including a dedicated area on the RPS website, resources and guidance to guide trainees through the pre-registration year, revision courses, online networks, access to mentors and access to our confidential online and telephone support service.  All pre-registration trainees are also eligible for RPS membership at a special rate including a copy of MEP, BNF, CBNF and a range of other member benefits.

However we are keen to improve and develop this package of support further and are commencing work to review, revise and update our package of support for pre-registration trainees and tutors.  We would like to hear from you if you are keen to be involved either as part of our pre-registration advisory group or as a member of the pre-registration forum.

Pre-registration advisory group

We are establishing a pre-registration advisory group to provide leadership, advice, input and feedback as we revise and update our package of support and development for pre-registration trainees and tutors.  We are interested in hearing from you if you:
  • are nationally (or internationally) recognised as an expert and leader in pre-registration practice 
  • have a high level of involvement in institutional roles and professional organisations 
  • possess a broad knowledge and expertise in a relevant area of support and development for pre-registration  trainees 

In addition, members of the advisory group will be expected to be:

  • a member of the RPS. Members of the group are expected to conform to the RPS code of conduct for members of governance bodies as well as codes applicable to their respective disciplines and institutions. 
  • recognised by the RPS Faculty or working toward Faculty recognition.
  • not be a member of any other RPS Advisory Group

Members will be expected to declare any interests that may be a conflict to the work underway.

To express an interest in joining the RPS pre-registration advisory group please contact [email protected] and include brief details of how you meet the criteria above.

Networks for pre-registration trainees and tutors

In addition to the pre-registration advisory group, we have online networks specifically designed for pre-registration trainees, and tutors. These forums are accessible to all RPS members including pre-registration trainees, pre-registration tutors, Foundation pharmacists, and members from all areas and stages of practice who are keen to be involved and contribute to the work of the RPS.  These virtual forums allow members to share good practice as part of an online community.  

Members are able to:
  • Network with other pharmacists and pre-registration trainees
  • Post discussion topics
  • Share information about their role and current work
  • Share documents, photos and videos
  • Receive regular updates from the pre-registration advisory group
  • Get engaged and contribute to advisory group workstreams by providing comment, feedback and views