RPS Public Affairs team helps member with their own MP visit

RPS member Evelyne Beech, Gloucestershire LPC, arranged with her local MP Alex Chalk (Conservatives, Cheltenham, centre) to visit James Pharmacy of St Georges Road on 31st July, and the Public Affairs team worked with her to provide resources and advice for the day.

First elected in 2015, Mr Chalk is the Conservative MP for the town of Cheltenham and has previously been a councillor in Hammersmith and Fulham while working in London.  Since returning to Cheltenham, he has campaigned on preserving healthcare services in Cheltenham, and accepted an invite from Gloucestershire LPC to visit a local community pharmacy. 

With the national flu scheme recently announced, the pharmacy team was keen to discuss how it would help people in Cheltenham this winter. Mr Chalk commented on the new scheme:

“I’m delighted to see that NHS flu jabs have been extended to local pharmacies so people in Cheltenham have more opportunity than ever to get themselves protected”

It was also a chance to tell Mr Chalk about how the recent SCR rollout will benefit patients in his area, and talk about future opportunities for pharmacy in the area.

Chris Gifkins (left), Chair of the Gloucestershire Local Pharmaceutical Committee, who accompanied Alex Chalk on his pharmacy visit, said:

“It was a great opportunity to inform Alex Chalk about the importance of commissioning services from community pharmacy, which deliver better care and value for the NHS.

If you are an RPS member and would like our help to arrange for your local MP to visit your pharmacy, contact [email protected].