RPS releases new video on pharmacists in A&E

22 Sep 2015

The RPS has released a new video highlighting how pharmacists can improve patient care in Accident and Emergency Departments.  It shows what a specially-trained pharmacist can achieve in A&E and the impact the role has had on other health professionals in the department.  

Filmed at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH), the video follows the work of clinical pharmacist Hirminder Ubhi, who was one of the first pharmacists to undertake Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) training as part of a pilot set up by Health Education West Midlands.

The pilot was developed to investigate the potential for an enhanced clinical role for pharmacists within A&E and to establish what training was needed for the role to be useful in the team. The overall aim was to develop skill mix to increase capacity and improve patient care. 
Hirminder Ubhi said: “This new role has been really exciting and I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve achieved, coming up with diagnoses and management plans for patients. Being able to provide better patient care, and having the role accepted by patients, has been a really positive outcome." 
Chief Pharmacist at BCH Professor Anthony Sinclair said: “The project has exceeded all expectations and opened up exciting new avenues for pharmacists.  I now have other departments in the hospital requesting an ACP trained pharmacist to work in their teams. Cross-professional skill mix is central to creating integrated care truly centred on patient needs.” 
Watch the video here:

Watch What Do A&E Pharmacists Do