Press Release

RPS responds to Daily Telegraph accusations against specials manufacturers

An investigation by The Daily Telegraph has accused specials manufacturers of secretly colluding with pharmacy contractors to overcharge the NHS. The paper says special prescription drugs have been offered at discounted rates to pharmacies that then claim the full price from the NHS.

The RPS condemns in the strongest possible terms any attempt to defraud the NHS through illegal or corrupt practices.

We would like to see a swift and thorough investigation by the authorities into the allegations made by The Telegraph.

We know that our members are concerned about this practice and have shared their concerns with PSNC. 

The Society view is very clear: an arrangement in which a false invoice is used to claim a higher amount from the NHS than the true net sum paid would constitute fraud by the person who claims payment on the basis of an inflated invoice.

We completely concur with the PSNC and advise our members who are pharmacy owners not to deal with companies that offer invoices and other documentation that seek to disguise discounts or rebates. Fraud of this nature could lead to imprisonment, and to a lifetime disqualification from providing services under the NHS.

The RPS has issued guidance on specials for members. 

 RPS Spokesperson Neal Patel has been speaking to BBC 6 O'Clock News about the investigation:

Watch Neal Patel on BBC News

Neal Patel has also been speaking to BBC 5Live: