RPS Scotland launch statement with RCGP Scotland on practice based pharmacists

We are pleased to have worked together with the RCGP in Scotland to develop our joint statement on practice based pharmacists.

Together we have developed guiding principles to make the most effective use of the very different skill set a pharmacist brings to the wider primary care team, focusing on medicines related issues and provision of pharmaceutical care.
Aileen Bryson, Practice & Policy Lead, said: “The joint statement between the RCGP in Scotland and the RPS in Scotland has been developed to support both GPs and general practice based pharmacists by illustrating the most appropriate ways in which pharmacists, working closely with their GP and other practice colleagues, can contribute to the practice team.
“I would urge all GPs and practice based pharmacists to use the recommendations as a building block to develop the pharmacists’ role they require for their practices and their specific patient populations to improve overall patient care.”
Speaking from her practice in Carnoustie, RCGP Scotland Deputy Chair (Policy), Dr Elaine McNaughton, said: “GPs and pharmacists working closely together in practices will be one of the central partnerships in future Scottish general practice. It is exciting to see these relationships developing across the country and, as that progress snowballs, we hope this statement will be a useful foundation upon which professionals can guide themselves towards what is the right approach for each individual practice and so for each patient.”