RPS in Scotland welcomes new programme by Scottish Government

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) in Scotland would like to welcome the publishing of the Scottish Government’s new programme for 2018-19 “Delivering for Today, Investing for Tomorrow”.

Alex MacKinnon, Director of the RPS in Scotland, said “We are pleased to see commitment from the Scottish Government to develop and implement a redesigned minor ailment and common conditions service which will be made available to all in due course. The remodelling of the Minor Ailment Service has been a core ask in our Manifesto since 2016 and we are looking forward to learning more about the extension of the programme across Scotland. We are also delighted that this reflects a commitment to extend the clinical role of community pharmacists, building further on the accessibility of community pharmacy as the first point for care and advice.”

“We are also keen to see what the overhaul of the Chronic Medication Service would look like, as outlined in the Government’s programme. We strongly believe that any updates of the service should fully utilise the skills of community pharmacists and strengthen the role they play as set out in the RPS Policy Improving care for people with long term conditions.”

The RPS in Scotland is looking forward to working with our members, stakeholders and the Scottish Government to deliver this ambition to enhance the role of community pharmacists in the care of people with long term conditions and the further development of the Minor Ailment Service.