RPS sets vision for consultant pharmacists by 2030

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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has unveiled its vision for the role of consultant pharmacists by 2030, following its successful consultant pharmacist summit last year. The summit, which brought together RPS members including a diverse group of practising consultant pharmacists, credentialed individuals and pharmacy leaders, aimed to set the direction for the future of this vital clinical leadership role within the profession.

Since 2020, the RPS has taken significant steps to support the development of consultant pharmacy practice. Against the backdrop of the growing role of consultant pharmacists in enhancing patient care across the healthcare system, the RPS has approved 64 new consultant posts and credentialed 55 individuals as consultant ready.

The vision for consultant pharmacists by 2030 is multifaceted. We want consultant pharmacists to be an integral part of the pharmacy and wider healthcare team in all sectors of the UK, supporting the delivery of national workforce strategies aligned with health priorities across the devolved nations. They will drive improvements in patient and population health outcomes, backed by a robust evidence base showcasing the impact of their role. Furthermore, consultant pharmacists will be recognised as clinical leaders within the pharmacy profession and valued by the public and other healthcare professionals. Their credentials will be annotated on a register by the regulator and/or listed in a directory by the RPS.

To achieve this ambitious vision, the RPS has identified five strategic pillars. These include improving processes by streamlining the current post approval process, enhancing our e-portfolio functionality, and working with the GPhC to build a closer relationship between credentialing and revalidation. The RPS also aims to support the workforce by working with our partners across the system to develop pharmacists’ research capabilities, encourage equitable support pathways for credentialing across sectors and devolved nations, and foster effective post-registration supervision, mentoring, and coaching.

The development of a UK workforce strategy and needs analysis tool for the role will ensure the future readiness of consultant pharmacists to meet evolving patient and service needs. The RPS also plans to promote and engage by sharing case studies that highlight the positive impact of consultant pharmacists across the UK, increasing their visibility as integral members of the healthcare team, and engaging with healthcare and professional leaders to showcase the value and importance of the consultant pharmacist role and the RPS post-registration credentialing model.

Professor Nicola Stoner, Chair of the RPS Consultant Pharmacist Group, said:

“This document sets out an ambitious and exciting vision for the role of the consultant pharmacist following our very successful consultant pharmacist summit last year. Through the RPS, we are collectively charting the course for the future of the role across the devolved nations, driven by the invaluable input of our members drawn from practising consultants and leaders in the field.

"We must, however, take this opportunity to pause and recognise the significant progress we have made in advancing the consultant pharmacist role over the last five years, with the RPS introducing a national standardised approach to post approval and credentialing. It is also fitting to recognise the significant contribution of my late co-chair, Professor Nina Barnett, in helping us achieve this milestone and this new strategic vision will help continue her enormous legacy to the consultant pharmacist role.”

Take a look at the vision for consultant pharmacists by 2030.

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