RPS talks medicine prices with Radio 4

Professor Jayne Lawrence has been interviewed on two successive days by BBC Radio 4’s PM programme about the way some identical medicines are priced differently, depending on whether they are marketed at children or adults.  
Examples highlighted by the Radio 4 investigation include throat lozenges and vapour chest rubs aimed at adults and children.Marketing included stating on the packaging the product is suitable for children and altering packing to include photographs of babies or children. However, in some cases, the packaging for the adult version also states that it is suitable for children and is considerably cheaper to buy.
Jayne said it was unacceptable for different prices to be charged for medicines which are the same, and retailers highlighted in the report are already reviewing their ranges or have already changed the prices of children’s and adult medicines as a result of the programme.  
Update: Jayne was interviewed by the PM programme for a third time on 13th October about more examples provided by Radio 4 listeners of identical medicines priced differently. 
Listen to Jayne’s interviews: