RPS talks NSAIDs with BBC and ITV News

Consultant pharmacist in cardiovascular medicines Helen Williams fronted numerous media interviews on a new study published in the BMJ today into the effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the heart.  The study looked at 10 million people, aged 77 on average, and found taking NSAIDs increased the risk of being taken to hospital with heart failure by 19%.
The study led to some alarming headlines in the media so RPS hit the airwaves to explain the facts.
Helen appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC TV’s Victoria Derbyshire, BBC News Online and the BBC 1 O’clock News to explain that “the link between use of NSAIDs and increased risk of heart failure is well-established”, that the “for most people the risk of using an NSAID like ibuprofen is very small.  Those most affected will be in the age group studied, 77 and above; most people under 65 taking ibuprofen for occasional aches and pains don’t need to worry. 
She further added: “If you are using ibuprofen regularly, for example every day, you should really talk to a health professional such as your pharmacist who can try to help with the causes of your pain, suggest alternatives and ensure you have the right safety monitoring.”  Helen also featured in The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The  Daily Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Record and has written a blog on what the study means for patients.
RPS spokespeople also appeared on BBC regional radio stations and ITV News:

 Listen to Helen on the Today programme: