RPS talks to the media about handwashing and antibiotic resistance

RPS fronted over 20 media interviews on handwashing after the publication of its new survey.

RPS President Ash Soni and others hit the airwaves today to talk about the importance of effective handwashing in preventing infections.

Discussions focused on the results of our new survey showing that 84% of British adults don’t wash their hands for long enough to clean them of the bacteria which can cause infections such as upset stomachs or pneumonia, or viruses which can cause colds and flu. Fewer infections means that fewer antibiotics are needed, which in turn helps to reduce antibiotic resistance.

Ash appeared on BBC Breakfast and over 20 other TV and radio interviews took place during the day across the country, and the topic was also reported by The Guardian, The Independent, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail.

Watch Ash on BBC Breakfast: