RPS talks to the media about point of care diagnostics

NHS England have announced that Sore Throat Test and Treat, a walk-in community pharmacy service where patients are tested to determine whether or not they need antibiotics, will join the NHS Innovation Accelerator programme. The programme helps speed up the adoption of such new treatments and technologies across the NHS.  

Test and Treat detects the presence of the bacteria strep A via a simple throat swab. Those with a positive test are given antibiotics, those with a viral infection are given appropriate advice on managing their condition. Testing this way can help reduce the demand on GP appointments and decrease the over-use of antibiotics. You can read an evaluation of the service in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
RPS English Pharmacy Board member Ash Soni fronted media interviews on ITV News, Channel 4 News and SKY News to explain how making the most  of pharmacists’ skills through point  of care diagnostics such as Test and Treat is one way safe, efficient direct patient care can be provided close to home for patients by skilled healthcare professionals.
Watch Ash on ITV News: