RPS tells Institute of Apprenticeships about members' concerns

Keeping you informed

The RPS attended a stakeholder meeting at the invitation of the IFA on 02 May regarding proposals around degree apprenticeships to inform the IFA of our members immediate concerns, and to hear more about these proposals so we can keep members informed.

We heard that the IFA agree with the RPS view that any proposal must require an MPharm degree, maintaining quality standards. This degree would be subject to full GPhC accreditation as well as an end point assessment, which would be expected to be the pre-registration assessment.

We were clear about the legitimate public interest that exists in the membership of the trailblazer group. Valid questions from our members about the diversity and motivations of the trailblazer group, including how they would resource pharmacy degree apprenticeships, remain unanswered at this stage and we have ongoing concerns about likely levels of funding.

We re-iterated the urgent need for much more information for the profession and welcome two-way dialogue about the proposals as more information becomes available.

We will continue to keep members updated as we receive more information.


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