RPS Wales launches its Policy Vision for the 2016 Welsh Election

Fully utilising the skills of the pharmacy profession will build capacity in the Welsh NHS and Increase patient access to services. These are the key messages being put forward by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to the Welsh political parties in the run up to the 2016 elections to the National Assembly for Wales. 

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales (RPS Wales) has launched its Policy Vision for Wales to shape the manifestos of the Welsh political parties. Steps to Better Health and Wellbeing highlights the importance of a fully engaged pharmacy workforce and using clinical pharmacy skills to help address the current and future demands on NHS services.

The Policy Vision outlines that the current model of pharmacy delivery is out of date. It calls for a commitment in Wales to fully unlock the potential of pharmacy to offer patients and the public access to the range of the full benefits that the pharmacy team are equipped to deliver.  Three key calls to action are made to increase access to health and wellbeing services in Wales:

•    Establish a pharmacy-led Welsh Chronic Medication Service
•    Permit pharmacist access to individual health records
•    Fully integrate pharmacist expertise into NHS Multidisciplinary Teams

RPS Wales highlight that taking these steps will start an important programme of change that will help increase patient access to pharmacy prescribers, shift care closer to people’s homes, improve medicines safety, and share caseloads with GPs and other health professionals.

For further information about the Policy Vision for Wales please click here.