RPS Wales launches new online best practice hub

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RPS Wales has unveiled a new online best practice hub aimed at sharing learnings and promoting excellence within the pharmacy profession. The hub, which went live today, provides a platform for pharmacy teams across all sectors to showcase their innovative work and collaborate with colleagues.

One of the primary objectives of the hub is to demonstrate the extensive clinical contributions made by pharmacy teams to government, politicians, the NHS, other healthcare professionals, and the public. To achieve this, the case studies featured on the hub have been crafted to be accessible and engaging to a wide audience.

Pharmacy professionals from all backgrounds are encouraged to submit their case studies through a dedicated form. The RPS Wales team will carefully review the submissions. Once approved, the case studies will be transformed into compelling narratives and published on the hub.

Expressing enthusiasm for the new hub, Elen Jones, RPS Director for Wales, said:

“I’m excited for the launch of our best practice hub today. This is a brilliant opportunity to give recognition and shine a light on the brilliant work we know pharmacy teams are undertaking in Wales.

“For the profession, we particularly hope this will be a means to spread best practice, share learnings and create links between pharmacy teams across the country and beyond, particularly as we work to achieve our 2030 vision.

“Examples submitted to the hub will help us at RPS Wales to further strengthen our advocacy work, promoting and increasing understanding and appreciation for the expertise of pharmacists and pharmacy teams. Case studies will be used to demonstrate to government, politicians, the NHS and to the public the breadth of the work undertaken by pharmacy, as part of the wider multidisciplinary team. So, please do get involved!”

Take a look at our best practice hub.

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