RPS Wales multidisciplinary workshop success

RPS and RCGP co-hosted an MDT event to understand how new roles can work together effectively.

RPS Wales and the Royal College of General Practitioners co-hosted a successful multidisciplinary workshop last month to understand how new professional roles in primary care can work together more effectively. A range of professions was represented at the workshop, held in Cardiff, including pharmacists, GPs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and paramedics. These are professions with new and evolving roles in primary care, and all the participants inputted into frank discussions about the practicalities of working in a multidisciplinary team (MDT) as well as the cultural barriers and belief systems that impact on patient care.

Through facilitated sessions, we were able to start identifying the common principles and behaviours that all professions should work to ideally in order to make MDT working a success in primary care. We’re now working out the next steps, but we're hopeful that this cohort of representatives will continue to work as a network to agree a principle-based resource which we can share more widely to influence changes to MDT working in primary care in Wales. It’s also likely that we’ll take this work to a national reference group to help influence change in primary care at a national strategic level.