RPS warns against deadly diet pills online

Chemical unfit for human consumption sold as weight loss remedy

The RPS is supporting a campaign to highlight the dangers of buying so-called diet pills online from rogue websites.

#DyingToDiet from Free Radio aims to highlight how dangerous it is to buy these products on the internet.

RPS Deputy Chief Scientist spoke to Free Radio Sheffield Hallam, to explain why unlicensed products are so risky and to warn against their use.

One particular substance unfit for human consumption but bought online for weight loss is DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol).  It has a variety of industrial uses, including as a photographic chemical, a fertilizer and is used in the production of dyes and explosives. 

The RPS Science and Research Board is looking for routes to restrict the availability of DNP and raise awareness with the public about its dangers.

Listen to Claire’s interview: