RPS warns of deadly DNP on BBC Wales News

There is no safe dose of DNP

Welsh Pharmacy Board member Sudhir Sehrawat has warned about the dangers of taking so-called ‘diet drug’ DNP in order to lose weight.  

DNP is used in industry for a variety of purposes and is unfit for human consumption, but is promoted via some internet sites as weight loss aid because it greatly increase the metabolism.

RPS supports efforts by the Food Standards Agency and others to restrict the availability of DNP which has caused deaths in the UK and worldwide.  Raising public awareness of the risks of DNP through media is a key part of this strategy. You can support the social media campaign using the hashtags #DNPkills and #deadlyDNP.

Sudhir said: “Our advice is not to buy any weight loss pills online, you can’t be sure of what you’re buying or what’s in them. We’d advise always speaking to a healthcare professional if you want to lose weight, who can provide the most appropriate advice.”

Watch the clip: