RPS welcomes AHSN Interim Report on Polypharmacy

portrait image of Tase Oputu, RPS England Board ChairThe Academic Health Science Network has released its interim evaluation report into polypharmacy.

The report covers the period from April 2022 to March 2023 and focuses on addressing the challenges posed by polypharmacy (the use of multiple medications by a patient) in England's NHS primary care system.

The excessive use of medications is problematic, especially for patients with multiple chronic health conditions, leading to a burden on individuals and the healthcare system.

In response to the report, Tase Oputu, England Board Chair at RPS said:

“The RPS welcomes this Interim Evaluation report, and we are pleased to see pharmacists actively addressing inappropriate polypharmacy.

“The increase in people experiencing multiple conditions often means more prescribed medicines. This programme supports pharmacists and other prescribers to have person centred discussions with patients and supports clinicians in stopping medicines together.

“The evaluation demonstrates that patients can be empowered and supported to ask questions about their medicines to improve their understanding.

“It is important that this valuable programme continues alongside the work we are undertaking jointly with RCGP on repeat prescribing and will help fulfil the recommendations of the National Overprescribing Review.”

Read the Interim Evaluation report.

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