RPS welcomes plan for more pharmacists in care homes

NHS England today announced that it is recruiting a total of 200 new pharmacists and pharmacy technicians into care homes, with many already in place.  Working with the care home team, they help reduce over-medication and subsequent hospital admissions, and improve the care of residents.

Chair of RPS in England Sandra Gidley said:

“I’m delighted that the programme of recruiting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians into care homes across England has proved successful and will continue. RPS has long campaigned for this to happen to improve the health of our most vulnerable populations.

“Including pharmacy professionals in the care home workforce has been proven to cut medication errors, reduce polypharmacy and make savings for the NHS, benefitting patient care and safety.

“Making pharmacists part of the multidisciplinary team matches the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan, which emphasises working across traditional boundaries with other health professions to drive up standards of care.

“We look forward to seeing the programme expand even further and to helping colleagues, residents and their families and carers.”



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