RPS welcomes R&D investment announcement

Dr Claire Thompson RPS Deputy Chief Scientist welcomes the announcement of investment from Merck and Qiagen in the UK

Commenting on the Government’s announcement today that pharmaceutical giant Merck (known as MSD in the UK) and diagnostics company Qiagen will be investing £1bn in R&D and creating up to 1,850 jobs in London and Manchester, RPS Deputy Chief Scientist Dr Claire Thompson said:

"We very much welcome this commitment to developing new medicines and medical devices in the UK. This news comes at a time of great uncertainty around the impact of Brexit on R&D funding, workforce and medicines regulation.

"We want the UK to remain a place where pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists develop novel medicines and medical devices, both in the pharmaceutical industry and in our world-class academic institutions."

MSD will support a new research centre in London creating around 950 new posts, and Germany's Qiagen intends to develop a genomics and diagnostics campus in Manchester, creating up to 800 jobs.