Statement regarding new BNF and BNF publications

20 Nov 2015
We have made changes to the format of the BNF in order to better facilitate digital production for the future, improve user experience and to bring the information into one place in the print format. 
Increasingly BNF users are moving to access content digitally, through, NICE Evidence, and the BNF app. 
In addition, is updated immediately with new information and corrections, these are made in the online versions at a rate determined by a risk assessment process, but always by the next monthly update.
We remain committed to the production of print versions of the BNF and BNF for Children which we know are useful reference sources for health professionals. We would encourage print users to consider when looking for up to date information to sign up to our monthly newsletter which will include information about changes. 
The number of clinically important corrections needed to date remains low, in line with previous editions of the BNF. Recent reports to the BNF team have been described as “errors” when in fact they are simply changes to the way content is represented. 
It is key to note that as with any edition, further updates and corrections may be issued. Again cross checking with the updated electronic versions should be encouraged; this is particularly true for medicines less familiar to the practitioner.
We recognise with previous editions of the BNF, knowledge of corrections to print editions was low. Therefore we are increasing the channels used to disseminate this information to users. This in itself may change perceptions about the number of corrections to the new BNF and BNF for Children versus previous editions. The number of corrections issued has not increased markedly, however we have increased the number of channels we use to communicate corrections.    
As with previous editions, will be used as a central point for collating and reporting corrections to the BNF Publications, but we will be widening the reporting, to include a record of all of the feedback, including that about format changes. 
We would encourage users to continue to send all feedback directly to the BNF team, using [email protected], in order to facilitate the ongoing updating of this document. 
We appreciate the added scrutiny of these new editions and the continued feedback which, as always, will help inform ongoing improvements to BNF products.