Summary Care Record Guidance Updated

It has been announced that NHS England have commissioned the implementation of Summary Care Records (SCR) into community pharmacy.

It has increased the ability of pharmacists to treat patients both more effectively and efficiently which works towards improving patient care.

Findings from the Proof of Concept project highlighted that the access of SCR in community pharmacy is extremely beneficial. Providing community pharmacies with access to the SCR has supported pharmacists with the increasing demands on the wider healthcare system.  As a result we championed the access for all pharmacists to use the SCR, which is particularly important when a patient needs emergency or unplanned care

We have revised our guidance on using the SCR, as we feel it is important to provide all pharmacists with support on when, and how to use the SCR. That's why this resource is also available to non-members.

We are also supporting delivery of awareness sessions at local level in partnership with their Local Practice Forums.

This guidance applies to pharmacists in England.  We are currently campaigning for equivalent access for community pharmacists in Scotland and Wales and further guidance will be available when access to the Emergency Care Summary and Individual Health Record has been agreed.