Sunayana Shah appointed Chair of Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group

The new RPS Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group (IPAG) has appointed Sunayana Shah as Chair of the group.

Sunayana is an expert in regulatory, medical and pharmacovigilance policy development who has experience working across community pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry. She was awarded a Fellowship of the RPS in 2018.

IPAG will replace the Industrial Pharmacy Forum in 2021, and provide expertise to RPS national boards on matters impacting industrial pharmacy and pharmaceutical science.  

Sunayana said: “I’m delighted to be nominated as Chair of IPAG. As a consultative group, we hope to provide expert opinions and evidence-based leadership to inform RPS policy decisions and advice to government and other stakeholders. I look forward to working closely with RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini and the RPS policy teams.”

RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini said: “Congratulations to Sunayana on becoming the new Chair of IPAG. This is an exciting opportunity and we are delighted to have someone who brings a huge wealth of experience that can help the RPS.

“Having timely access to an empowered network of experts on the IPAG with varied backgrounds, from pharmaceutical scientists to pharmacists specialising in medical, regulatory, safety and manufacturing, is a real asset and I look forward to working with her.”

For more information on the new Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group, click here.

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