Support for Faculty Submission in early 2017

15 Dec 2016

The Faculty 8 week fast track plan is a structured programme to get you through to submission within 8 weeks. The 8-week plan will keep you focussed with weekly activities.

Once you have joined a programme you will be sent regular email reminders of what you should be doing or completing each week. We will also provide you with tips and links to other supportive resources.

You can sign up to a cohort month (e.g. January) a few weeks before the cohort start date (e.g. 1 January) to receive top tips about the Faculty, prepping your CV, date of webinars and 121 advice surgeries, and everything else you need to get ready for the cohort start date.
Upcoming cohorts:
For details on the various types of support we offer throughout your Faculty journey see our Faculty support package which includes supporting resources, live webinars, 121 advice Surgeries, 121 Research surgeries, mentor support, online networks and more!
Sign up to one of our monthly cohorts today and we will support you through to Faculty Submission in early 2017!