Support for Pre-registration trainees and tutors - what's coming in 2015

29 Jul 2015

We understand that the pre-registration training period is exciting and sometimes an overwhelming experience, as there is lots to learn and certain milestones to reach. We are here to support you throughout this period, but are also here help you prepare for pre-registration training, and plan for your career as a pharmacist and through your first 1000 days of practice.

We are currently developing a range of support and tools pre-registration trainees. We will be:
•    Refreshing our pre-registration webpages
•    Refreshing our pre-registration network
•    Bringing you updates and news on the new 2016 registration assessment
•    Developing resources to support you with your training and prepare you for practice
•    Bringing together RPS accredited of pre-registration education, training and development

We are additionally supporting Tutors and will be creating a dedicated area of the website for Tutors that brings together resources and tools to enable you to support pre-registration trainees more effectively, and also support your own professional development.

You can access resources and support on our pre-registration trainee webpages.

Our Professional Support team are here to provide you with advice and support on many aspects of preregistration training, you can get in touch with us by email at [email protected], by web form or by phone on 0845 257 2570.