The RPS Roadmap to Advanced Practice

02 Nov 2016
The RPS Roadmap to Advanced Practice available from today outlines career pathways for pharmacists across Great Britain and matches their support and development at different stages of practice with methods for assessment from day 1 as a student to the time of retirement from the profession.
The RPS Roadmap describes the principles of the Foundation and Faculty development programmes, alongside the support, guidance, quality assurance and assessment tools needed to enable pharmacists to provide high quality patient-centred care.
The RPS has developed three principal career stages for pharmacists:
Stage 1: Pre-Foundation programme: 
Undergraduate Masters of Pharmacy degree and Pre-registration training
Stage 2: Foundation programme
The first 1,000 days of registered practice
Stage 3: Faculty programme 
Advancement from foundation practice, both development and maintenance of advanced practice, whether generalist or specialist.
The Roadmap is designed to identify a pharmacist’s stage of development based on their experience in the workplace, competence and the ability to manage complexity.  It then outlines and provides access to the support and assessment required to be recognised at that stage.  It provides clear direction on how practitioners can continuously demonstrate maintenance at a stage of practice or continue to advance to the next milestone.
The RPS Roadmap is a strategy document that supports the RPS Vision for Transforming the Pharmacy Workforce.  The Vision is aligned to the drivers of an ageing and increasingly diverse population, advances in medicines technology, the ever-changing fiscal policies for health services and the expectations of patients and their families.
Dr Catherine Duggan, RPS Director of Professional Development said: 
"The RPS Roadmap seeks to pull together the learning, development and experiences from across practice in all the nations, to create a generic map that the entire profession can use at any stage of their professional career, across any sector of their practice. 
We are seeking to work with employers, educators, education commissioners to ensure that the Roadmap is supportive and relevant to new and emerging roles as well as existing roles, and can align with the changes in healthcare provision we face across GB. 
We will also be working with colleagues to ensure this is supportive of careers in science, academia and industry as well as direct healthcare provision. That is what is new and that is what is novel about this: it's a Roadmap developed by the profession to support the profession to improve patient care and the public's health."