Update: English Pharmacy Board meeting 23 June

23 Jun 2016

The English Pharmacy Board (EPB) has re-elected Sandra Gidley as Board Chair and Professor Claire Anderson as Vice-Chair.

Sandra Gidley said:
"This is an enormously important and challenging time for the whole profession. 
 “The Board will continue to work collaboratively with pharmacy bodies to influence the Government's community pharmacy reforms.
“We will use the unique strength of the RPS as representing all sectors of pharmacy to work with hospital, primary care, GP practice and community pharmacists to examine how care can improved in light of Carter reforms and the NHS England GP Forward View.
“Our ultimate aim is to continue to create more opportunities for pharmacists in all sectors to use their skills to improve patient care."
Ash Soni will no longer be the RPS President from next RPS Assembly meeting in July.
Ash Soni said:
"It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve the RPS and the profession for the last two years. I am hugely proud of the progress the RPS has made over recent times and that we now have a stronger and more influential voice in pharmacy and healthcare across Great Britain.
“During this time I have met many pharmacists doing fantastic work in all healthcare settings, as well as in academia, the pharmaceutical industry and in many other roles. I hope I have played my part in making sure the stories of excellent patient care delivered through our profession have been heard at the highest levels within the NHS.
“I look forward to working with the new President to make sure the RPS continues on its journey to becoming the Royal College for Pharmacy."
The new President will be elected at the next Assembly working meeting 19th July.
The English Pharmacy Board members attending the Assembly will be Sandra Gidley and Claire Anderson in their roles as Chair and Vice-Chair of the EPB, and also Martin Astbury, Catherine Armstrong, David Carter, Sibby Buckle, and Sid Dajani.