Update from RPS Assembly March 2023

The RPS Assembly is the key decision-making body of RPS which is responsible for setting strategic direction, financial management and organisational governance. 

Commenting on the following key decisions made by the Assembly, RPS President Professor Claire Anderson said:

Inclusion and diversity

“We’re committed to making inclusion and diversity central to the profession, celebrating and encouraging diverse voices across pharmacy.

“We are working hard to embed the same level of good practice within our organisation. Progress can be hard due to the complexities involved but we are constantly trying to improve.

“It’s frustrating that efforts to reduce pay gaps at RPS are yet to deliver the improvements we hoped for and that our gender and ethnicity gaps are wider than previous years. Our actions to date include implementing blind recruitment, diverse shortlists, gender-neutral advertising and using specialist sources that focus on improving ethnic and gender diversity at senior level. We are also working on talent mapping and succession planning will enable us to develop increased diversity at a senior level.

“Our next step is to build on existing activities and develop an action plan with clear, measurable timelines and outcomes against each target, which will be shared at the July Assembly meeting."

Smart building technology

“We’re continuously looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact as an organisation as part of our commitments on sustainability. We will trial smart technology into our building in London to monitor building performance and suggest improvements. This ensures our resources are managed in an intelligent way that will enable us to further reduce our carbon footprint."


“We are in the process of commissioning a robust, independent review of our constitution and governance structures as part of our evolution as a professional leadership body to ensure we deliver effectively for pharmacy. We are considering tenders for the work and will ensure members are kept informed of progress.”

RPS annual conference

"Our annual conference will be on November 10th at Etc venues in Holborn, London and the theme will be collaboration and partnerships to benefit patient outcomes."


“We continue to actively engage with partners to establish the best position for the professions going forward. Members are welcome to submit their views to [email protected]."

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