We speak to BBC Radio Wales about Antipsychotic Medicines

We speak to BBC Radio Wales about Antipsychotic Medicines and respond to the Older People’s Commissioner’s concerns

This week’s Eye on Wales programme on BBC Radio Wales, looked into the use of antipsychotic medicines among dementia patients in Wales and sought the expert view of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales (RPS Wales). The issue came to prominence following a 2014 report by the Older People's Commissioner for Wales into the quality of life and care of older people living in care homes that described the inappropriate use of antipsychotic medication in care homes as a "national scandal".

Responding to the Older People’s Commissioner’s concerns, RPS Wales produced its own report,Improving Medicines Use for Care Residents, which set out models in which the pharmacy profession can improve the care of care home residents, including reducing inappropriate use of anti-psychotic medicines. In the clip below RPS Wales Director, Mair Davies, discusses our recommendations and the importance of regular medicines reviews. 

During the programme Mair also highlighted the importance of pharmacist access to the patient record in order to conduct a full medication review that can lead to effective and safe de-prescribing. While welcoming the development of access to records for pharmacists in some areas of Wales, Mair stressed that this must be in place in every part of the country as a key enabler to improve the medicines use of care home residents.

You can listen to the programme in its entirety on the Eye on Wales webpage.