Which magazine criticises one-use sun tan lotions

Commenting on today’s Which? report on sunscreen that examines products which are for use once a day, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Chief Scientist Professor Jayne Lawrence said:

“It’s essential that a consistent level of protection is provided by the product that is used. The effect of sunscreen also varies from person to person depending on skin type, strength of the sun and if you use enough sunscreen in the first place. 
"Our own survey into sunscreen use revealed a worrying lack of understanding about using it.  Under half of those surveyed (44%) always or often used sunscreen when out in the sun and a third (31%) of those asked either did not know how much lotion to apply, or thought they should apply less than needed, to ensure protection.
"About 3 tablespoons (30 ml) of sunscreen is required to cover the average body of an adult to give the level of protection stated as the SPF on the bottle and this should be repeated every two hours. 
"It’s also advisable to cover up with a t-shirt, sunglasses and hat during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm) and find the shade where you can.  
"Your pharmacist can provide advice and information to ensure you get the level of protection that’s right for you."