Honours awarded in 2015

Lifetime Achievement Award Lifetime Achievement Award

Raymond Fitzpatrick FFRPS FRPharmS

Ray is a visionary leader who has influenced policy and strategy at a national level.  He is an excellent ambassador for the profession of pharmacy presenting on his research and pharmacy practice issues at national and international conferences.

He has pioneered innovations with lasting benefits for the profession. 

Ray was one of the first clinical pharmacists in the late 1970s and, as clinical director of pharmacy at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, developed innovative medicines management systems.

At Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, he installed one of the first automated dispensing systems and is a recognised leader in electronic secure medicines storage. Ray has influenced policy and strategy at a national level and was an early pioneer in the RPS Faculty.

Special Recognition Award Special Recognition Award

Trudi Hilton MRPharmS

A special recognition award was given to Trudi Hilton, a humanitarian aid pharmacist, for her contribution to the practice of pharmacy through humanitarian work. Hilton’s work has been pioneering in making sure that pharmacists are increasingly used as part of medical relief teams and that the important role of medicines and medicines usage is more widely recognised in emergency relief.

RPS Clinical Pharmacist of the Year RPS Clinical Pharmacist of the Year

Satinder Bhandal MRPharmS

Satinder Bhandal set up the New Oral Anti-Coagulant Service (NOAC) which has had a signifi cant impact in reducing avoidable stoked in patients diagnosed with atrial fi brillation. Working with commissioning colleagues, local consultants and GPs, Satinder set-up a pharmacist led prescribing clinic. Patients received a half hour consultation to ensure they could make an informed choice and each patient was followed up with a check up to review how the medication was working and to discuss issues the patients may be facing. The trial proved so successful it was expanded and the clinic has now seen over 3,500 patients since 2012. The service has also collected a signifi cant amount of data on patients using anti-coagulants and Satinder was recognised for this research with the Davenport Award in 2014.


     •   Sotiris Antonious FFRPS MRPharmS
     •   Rachel Giblin

RPS Public Health Pharmacist of the Year RPS Public Health Pharmacist of the Year

Dr Diane Ashiru-Oredope MRPharmS

Dr Diane Ashiru-Oredope set up the national campaign Antibiotic Guardians to raise awareness amongst the public and healthcare practitioners about the risks of antimicrobial resistance and to change behaviours towards antibiotic use. The campaign was focused around pledge based behaviour and a website set up through which healthcare professionals and the public could download resources and information on being an Antibiotic Guardian as well as making their own pledges. The campaign faced a particular challenge in that there was no budget and Diane successfully sourced funding from sponsors and stakeholders. The campaign was very effectively promoted through social media and by August 2015 has over 13,000 pledges to be an Antibiotic Guardian.


     •   Viral Doshi MRPharmS
     •   Suzanne Murray

RPS Pre-Registration Trainee of the Year RPS Pre-Registration Trainee of the Year

Saran Amin MRPharmS

Saran undertook an innovative joint GP surgery and community pharmacy pre-registration year where she performed beyond the expectations of both her pharmacist tutor and GP supervisor. Saran was set a challenge of managing change in a diffi cult, complex group of patients; those with behavioural problems in dementia, treated with antipsychotics. With Saran’s assertive, consistent, yet sensitive approach to reviewing these medicines, she managed to stop the use of antipsychotics completely in 55% of patients. During her pre-registration training year, Saran consistently exceeded expectations and broke down barriers in the multi-disciplinary team by taking ownership of diffi cult pharmaceutical management tasks. Saran seized every opportunity to demonstrate to GPs, nurses, relatives and pharmacists in her own team how good proactive pharmaceutical care can transform patient’s lives.


     •   Craig Alexander ARPharmS
     •   Tasneem Kapadia ARPharmS
     •   Catherine Lucy Little ARPharmS
     •   Megan Starling MRPharmS

RPS Local Practice Forum of the Year RPS Local Practice Forum of the Year

Jersey LPF

Within the last 12 months Jersey LPF has progressed to the level of some of the most active LPFs in the RPS. Led by 6 pharmacists, they have established themselves as the representative body for the pharmacy profession on the island. They have 7 major workstreams in progress including review of the transitional care arrangements, review of blister pack usage in the community and review of legislation for emergency supplies. The wider health care providers and charitable bodies also recognise the value of the LPF; the Jersey Alzheimer’s Association and the Head of Health Improvement, Public Health Directorate have both presented to the Steering Group for future collaborative projects. The success of this LPF can be seen in the RPS’ President’s visit in March. Over 2 days, Mr Soni was able to address the Minister responsible for healthcare provision, their senior officers, representatives of the General Practitioners, the wider healthcare team, and to meet The Bailiff (the highest civil position in Jersey).

     •   Black Country LPF
     •   Cwm Taf LPF
     •   North East of Scotland LPF

RPS Pharmacy Research UK Award RPS Pharmacy Research UK Award

Dr David Aldred MRPharmS

Applicants for the award are assessed against a number of criteria, in line with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty Research & Development competencies. David’s application demonstrated consistent strengths against all of these. These include critical evaluation (which includes the development and evaluation of research protocols, and research grants held), and the creation of new evidence, as evidenced by David’s impressive publication record. The panel were particularly impressed by David’s track record in translating research evidence into working practice, with his work in care homes having real and sustained impact. His proposed lecture is particularly relevant to pharmacy practice, focusing on the research he has conducted over the last decade to optimise medicines for older people living in care homes.

RPS Student of the Year RPS Student of the Year

Siama Kausar ARPharmS

Siama was nominated for this award due to her enthusiasm and engagement both with her undergraduate degree studies, and her extra-curricular contributions to the profession. Her nominee cited her greatest achievement as her involvement with the Public Health Pharmacy Student Group, which she set up and ran at her university. She has also been a British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA) representative, involved with student support at her school and is on the steering committee for her local LPF. Siama has shown academic excellence throughout her undergraduate studies, and engages with a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clearly has a passion for her profession.


     •   Aron Berry ARPharmS
     •   Jumana Nabulsi ARPharmS

RPS Excellence in Education Award RPS Excellence in Education Award

Roohi Mehra MRPharmS

 Roohi’s drive and determination to overhaul the pharmacy placement scheme at the University of Hertfordshire is a credit to her and her fellow colleagues. Through this and her excellent networking skills, Roohi has explored various avenues to recruit more than 100 pharmacies over 18 months. Her extensive work and strong partnership with a wide and diverse range of employers and organisations, including the British Army, is highly inspirational and innovative. Equally she provides excellent support to students using various methods and means to ensure successful interviews for placements. This innovative placement process developed by Roohi is a model that can be potentially adopted by other Schools and Universities UK-wide to help enhance and improve their own placement recruitment numbers where necessary


     •   Atif Shamim MRPharmS and Ravi Sharma MRPharmS
     •   Strathclyde Institute of Biomedical Sciences MPharm Year 2 Team

RPS Commendation in Pharmaceutical Science RPS Commendation in Pharmaceutical Science

Claire Thompson FFRPS SRPharmS

Claire Thompson, co-founder and director at NanoScientium, and former head of research and development with Oxford Pharmascience, received a commendation for her contribution to pharmaceutical science. Claire has demonstrated how the introduction of innovative technologies can take place in a small company through virtual development and this novel approach results in benefits to the patient.

RPS Leadership in Pharmacy Award RPS Leadership in Pharmacy Award

Philip Newland Jones MRPharmS

In his role as Advanced Specialist Pharmacist in the field of diabetes, Philip has shown significant leadership to improve care for patients, working closely with medical and nursing professions as well as pharmacy. In addition to being known for his significant clinical expertise, and commitment to education, he has also promoted the benefits of the role of specialist pharmacists, and has prompted development in practice in a much wider audience, locally, regionally and increasingly internationally. His leadership and superb practice have shown how the role of a clinical pharmacist practitioner can benefit the care of diabetes patients across the whole health system: hospital trust, community and primary care, as well as commissioners, ensuring that the pharmacist is embedded in a team approach that will benefit patients. With Philip’s expertise, energy and commitment, the benefits and value of specialist pharmacist is understood, care has improved, and there is a model for other regions and even countries, to follow.


     •   Andrew Davies MRPharmS
     •   Janet Trundle MRPharmS

Newly appointed Fellows Newly appointed Fellows

  • Karen Ang Seok Chin Acott
  • Julie Dianne Adams
  • Margaret Joan Allan
  • David Phillip Alldred
  • Rena Piyushkumar Amin
  • Colin Andrew Baldwin 
  • Reena Shubas Barai
  • David John Bearman
  • Dhiren Ashok Bhatt
  • Sarah Caroline Hume Billington
  • Patricia Elizabeth Black 
  • Richard Stanley Bourne 
  • Nadia Bukhari
  • Mark David Burdon
  • Donald Cairns
  • Susan Elizabeth Carter
  • Peter Cattee
  • Chatranjan Singh Chadha
  • Jonathan Cooke
  • Anthony Richard Cox
  • Harry Andrew Crook 
  • Andrew Sean Davies
  • Rachel Ann Elliott 
  • Mary Catherine Evans
  • Michael Anthony Charles Field
  • Gail Susanne Fleming 
  • Sanjay Pralhad Ganvir
  • Mark James Gilchrist
  • Jason Hall 
  • Susan Harper
  • Karen Louise Harrowing 
  • Magnus Iain Hird
  • Karen Louise Hodson
  • Chris James Howland-Harris
  • Mohammed Ghafoor Hussain
  • Jacqueline Lesley Jones 
  • Rani Khatib
  • Peter Burnett Lowe 
  • Harshvadan Velji Maroo 
  • Evelyn Marion McPhail
  • Colin Michael Minchom
  • Gordon Thomas Muirhead
  • Adil Jafarali Nazarali
  • Jane Sarah Nicholls 
  • David Lees Norris
  • Anwer Ibrahim Issa Ismail Patel 
  • Rajesh Patel MBE
  • Katherine Payne
  • Stephen James Peddie
  • Catherine Louise Picton
  • Ailsa Margaret Power
  • Howard Nigel Rowe
  • Matthew David Shaw
  • Robert Ian Shulman
  • Jane Belinda Smith 
  • Martin John Stephens
  • Derek Charles Stewart
  • Tracey Dawne Louise Thornley
  • Peter Timmins 
  • Robbie Matthew Connor Turner
  • Simon Jonathan Tweddell
  • Jonathan Lee Underhill 
  • Anne Margaret Watson
  • David John Woods