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I've just given myself a crash-course on the Falsified Medicines Directive - the most useful resource was this concise (but sufficiently detailed) guide from @rpharms on FMD.

@rpharms don’t listen to your mom call RPS support! @RPSsupport

@HPILLminster is highlighting the useful resources produced by other organisations for #PharmReval including from @rpharms.

For first time today I worked with a pharmacist who I'd taught @UoMPharmaOpt @UoMMPharm @mups_uom & was so impressed! They also did my #flujab & we both knew we'd had an alert from @RPSsupport re #Epipen which we dug out to answer a query today!

Thanks to Regina from RPS Professional Support Unit for advice whilst completing revalidation records. Hadn’t realised as of yet no sync between desk top and app. Work in progress. Relieved not to have lost entry! #RPS #Revalidation #CPD

Completed my 4 #CPD cycles 2 planned and 2 unplanned #PharmReval #revalidation Great resources from @rpharms @RPSsupport loved the app! Also useful examples by @TheGPhC  If submitting on 31/10/18 do not leave it until the night before thats my only advice.

The @rpharms professional support team @RPSsupport is there to help you with #revalidation & how to record your CPD entries. Be a member to access these mechanisms. #RPSrevalidation.

Love @RPSsupport. Always there when you need a professional response and with evidence to back it up. I would recommend my peers to use this wonderful service. Been using their services since 2010 and have never looked back. You can call or email them.

Emails about our One-to-one Support Team

Great to learn what [Professional Support] is out there for us really highlighted the importance of being an RPS member and convinced me that joining the RPS as a paying member after I qualify as a pharmacists is essential!

Thank you for guidance, that and the attached links are really helpful. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my query. I am going to look at what you kindly suggested and I'll get back to you if i need further help.

Thank you very much for your advice and these useful references.

This is a great start. I'll be in touch if I need anything further. Thank you for your help.

Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely contact again if I have any queries. 

Thank you for your email and kind advice pertaining to my queries. As I am based in Singapore I will email to membership department with my queries.

Thank you very much for this info.  Very helpful indeed.

(from a primary care pharmacist searching for assessment tools and guidance on supplying multi-compliance aids) 

 Thank you for responding to my FP10MDA CD query.

(from a community pharmacist needing further information on missed doses of methadone on FP10MDA prescription) 

 Thank you so much for your help and your kindness.

(from an academic pharmacist having difficulties with a research tutor and wanting career advice and support) 

That’s great – thank you for your support.

(from a locum pharmacist needing advice on the supply of adrenaline to schools)

It is a great comfort that you’ve replied so quickly and given me a thorough view from your perspective. I will review this once more and have a chat with my team here as well.

(from a pharmacist wanting to chat through an ethical decision based on their professional judgement)

Thank you very much. You were excellent in helping me with my query.

(from a pharmacy preparing for an audit/inspection)

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GP colleague asks me how to stop & then switch antidepressants, checked list of e-books RPS gives free access too as part of membership & Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry is one, allows you to download a free pdf chapter! Well worth @rpharms membership! @RPSScotland

I only recently discovered the @rpharms library e-books & it’s a great resource, really complements the @PharmPress MedicinesComplete access we have in community pharmacy also. 

I got a few tips from one of the RPS librarians on the online resources, how to do searches etc, they are super helpful if you’re a bit of an IT numpty like me.

This is amazing! Who knew we had access to all of these books? V pleased with this unexpected benefit for members.

Did you know you can access The Maudsley Guideline through the @rpharms website using your membership? I didn't! #RPSSurrey18

Very useful practice, especially if only get the occasional #vetRx esp for MPharm II dispensing classes.