Visiting RPS London

Are you planning to visit the RPS Library, Museum or London Office? This guide will give you the information you need to plan ahead. If you have any questions let us know.

The Front Door

The glass front door of the RPS building, facing away from East Smithfield. The door is located on John Fisher Street. The doorbell is on the left hand side of the door.


The Front door to the RPS is on John Fisher Street, facing away from 66 East Smithfield. 

There is a square button on wall on the left.

Press this button and someone at reception will open the automatic door. 

Head up the ramp with the RPS Museum apothecary jars on your left-hand side. 

View of internal front door with doorbell on the left hand side.


Head up the ramp with the RPS Museum apothecary jars on your left-hand side. 

At the top of the ramp there is another door on your left.

Someone at reception will also open this door for you.

If they are not there, there is another bell you can ring.

Reception – Asking for Help

Receptionist Alice sat at the white front desk


As you come into the main entrance you will see our reception desk.

You might see one of our friendly team greeting you. 

Our facilities team includes: Alice, Hector, Darren or Victoria.

You can ask them any questions you have. 


Alice will ask you to complete the sign in form on the tablet on the front desk.

She willl help you if you need it. 

Alice will then show you where the Museum cases are.

If you are attending an event, she will explain where to go.


View of the seating at RPS London Reception including two sofas and three tables


In reception there are two sofas and twelve chairs around three circular tables. 

Along the corridor by the museum cases there are tall stools by a counter.

You are welcome to sit anywhere you like.

Bottle of alcohol gel on reception desk


There is alcohol gel at the front door and at reception if you wish to clean your hands. 

If you would like a glass of water please ask Alice at reception.

 Toilet corridor with doors to accessible, women's and men's toilets

If you need to use the toilet, they are through the door on the left by the lifts.

You will then go through another door in front of you. 

View of the accessible toilet with toilet, sink, mirror and hand dryer


There is an accessible toilet through the first door on the right.

There is a toilet, a sink, and a hand dryer in this room.

View of women's toilet showing sinks, mirror and cubicles


The Ladies’ toilet is on the second door on the right.

There are three cubicles, a long sink with three taps, and a hand dryer in this room. 

View of Men's toilet including cubicles urinals, mirror and sinks


The Men’s toilet is on the door straight ahead.

There is a hand dryer, a sink, two cubicles and two urinals in this room. 

The Museum 

View of delftware apothecary jar display showing many shelfs of blue and white jars


The museum is split into three sections.

The first is the case of apothecary jars and mortars on the right hand side of reception. 

If you have any questions, our team member on reception will be happy to help.

You can take photographs of anything you like.

View of museum section two with cases and table-top display


Then there is a section on the right hand side of the lifts.

This looks at the history of pharmacy before 1841. 

In this section you will find drawers that you can open. 

Museum Section three corridor with bust and display cases. Image shows a section where wooden floor changes to carpeted floor


The third section is to the left hand side of reception.

This looks at Pharmacy after 1841. 

There are printed guides and large print guides by each case.

Please feel free to take a look at them. 

The Library

Image of library reading room, with books on shelves and a portrait of Daniel Hanbury, showing Librarian Karen supporting a visitor.


If you are a pharmacy student, pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist or a retired pharmacist you are eligible for RPS Membership.

If you are eligible for membership you must become a member to visit our library.

If you want to see the RPS Library, and are not eligible for RPS Membership you can book an appointment.

Please email [email protected] to make an appointment and Jane and Karen, our librarians, will help you access everything you need. 

The Archive

View of the Library showing a desk with a computer and chair, under a framed portrait of Theophilus Redwood, surrounded by wooden shelves holding books.


If you want to use the museum for research, please email [email protected] to make an appointment. 

When you arrive Catherine, our Museum Manager, will show you to the Library and explain how to use the material.

If you have any questions, they will be happy to help you.  

Leaving the Museum

View of internal front door showing contactless door release pad on the right hand side


As you leave Alice at reception will ask you to sign out on the tablet.

They will open the front door for you. There is also a contactless door release pad.

Just wave your hand in front of it to open the door. 

View of external front door showing contactless door release pad on the right


The contactless door release for the second door is on your right. 

Wave your hand in front of the door release pad to open the door.

Thank you for visiting the RPS, enjoy the rest of your day!