Professor Buge Apampa


Rrepresenting the Pharmacy Schools Council

Current occupation: Professor of Pharmacy Education, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex

Year of registration: 1991

Professional awards: FRPharmS, MFRPSII

Professional experience and particular interests: As an academic pharmacist, Professor Apampa is interested in the pursuit of meaningful learning to promote students’ achievement, reduce the attainment gap and improve students’ life chances.

As Director of Learning & Teaching at the Medway School of Pharmacy, she successfully led the redesign of their MPharm curriculum in 2012, constructing a curriculum based on Pareto’s principles of ‘focusing on the vital few and ignoring the trivial many’.

She subsequently led the establishment of an innovative award-winning undergraduate pharmacy course at the School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, becoming the Director of Pharmacy and School Director of Teaching & Learning, representing the University on many committees and working groups.

As an invited external advisor, she ran a workshop at the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy on effective curriculum design in Pharmacy education. Professor Apampa has published several education research papers on innovative teaching modalities employed in undergraduate pharmacy degrees.

Prior to her academic jobs, she worked in a variety of sectors, including community, hospital and a primary care trust, where she was the project director responsible for the implementation of the new community pharmacy contractual framework in 2005.