Community Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group

Experts in Community Pharmacy

Providing strong representation for community pharmacy, our Community Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group (CPEAG) ensures this area of practice is both recognised and supported across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Community Pharmacy EAG acts as a source of expertise, advice and opinion to inform RPS policy decisions and work plans.

An empowered and representative network of experts across all relevant backgrounds, the group identifies the needs of community pharmacy in relation to:

  • Professional development
  • Practice support
  • Advocacy. 

CPEAG Meetings




Chair: Janice Perkins

  • Sobia Janjua
  • Sarah Passmore
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Gary Evans
  • Amber Manoiu
  • Waqas Ahmad
  • Jonathan James
  • Aron Berry
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Paul Jenks
  • Patricia Tigenoah - Ojo
  • Nick Thayer
  • Vivyana Matanda
  • Stacey Anderson
  • Diane Robertson

Contact CPEAG

[email protected]

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