Anna Bunch

Anna Bunch, Digital Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group

Digital Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group

Anna has been working in the field of digital informatics for the past 20 years and has seen the development of digital in pharmacy practice over this time; she has learnt many lessons which she continues to share across the acute hospital pharmacy and wider pharmacy community.

Anna is currently the chair of the WellSky Southern regional user group, which covers hospital sites from Brighton to Cornwall. It is an active community which has grown under her term as Chair; bi-yearly meetings have increased to bi-monthly and the networking and learning has exceeded expectations. As a member of the DP EAG, she would share her experience and learning with this wider group, to provide a wider voice to RPS Digital.

Anna is part of a new informatics pharmacy group within the faculty of clinical informatics and regularly sits on the membership review panel, providing guidance to others on the roles within pharmacy and feedback to applicants on their submission. A priority for Anna would be the alignment of educational developments supported by the RPS for digital pharmacy professionals and the faculty competencies.

Locally, Anna working on several projects across the LCS, including innovative inter-operability between systems internally to hospitals and hospital medication records across acute and primary care.

Anna is keen to share her experience and to support others on their development journey and to be an advocate for pharmacy in all digital pharmacy developments.