Esther Gathogo

Esther Gathogo, Digital Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group

Digital Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group (DPEAG)

Esther has 18 years’ broad experience working in different sectors in health and care including academia, hospital, primary care, clinical commissioning and digital informatics. Esther holds a doctorate from King’s College London and has a wealth of experience in building digital, data insight and business intelligence solutions for the benefits of patients and healthcare professionals in the NHS.

At present, Esther works as a Clinical Lead in Population Health Management (PHM) at Cerner Corporation. Cerner is a global digital healthcare company that offers a broad range of health and care products to support and enable integrating health and care systems to deliver smarter, value-based care, better outcomes, and proactively manage and improve the wellbeing of their populations. In the UK, Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform is utilised by 144,000+ health and care professionals across 24 NHS Trusts to manage 1.5 million patients every month. Cerner was the first to have patient electronic healthcare record on the Apple health platform. Furthermore, London-wide connectivity, enabled by Cerner’s Health Information Exchange (HIE), allows seamless sharing of patient information locally, and then across London’s other acute Trusts via the One London Local Health and Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE).

Esther’s primary role is in digitising clinical pathways across health systems and within an organisation. This offers a longitudinal record for the patient and end-to-end patient care from diagnosis, management and on-going care. Since Esther joined the team 3 years ago, the team has developed 28 digital clinical pathways at an NHS Acute Care Collaborative Vanguard organisation and was shortlisted for the HSJ Partnership awards and contributed to NHS Digital Exemplar Site – Chase Farm, the first NHS digitised hospital. During the COVID19 pandemic, Esther worked on projects to aid the city’s response to the pandemic including provision of electronic health records (EHR) platform to the temporary hospital at London Excel – the Nightingale Hospital. More recently, Esther has been working on PHM led Medicines Optimisation Framework working with PCN pharmacists, health inequalities and data science projects on the development of local population predictive modelling using machine learning/artificial intelligence. These projects have brought clinical, operational and financial value to the patients, healthcare professionals, organisations involved and the population they serve.

Esther is a healthcare innovator and digital health advocate. She is a current NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, the largest entrepreneurial workforce development programme that aims to provide the commercial skills, knowledge and experience needed to successfully develop and spread innovative solutions to the challenges facing the NHS for the benefits of patients, staff and the wider NHS.

Esther is keen to share her knowledge and experience with this wider group and to support others on their development journey and to be an advocate for pharmacy in all digital pharmacy developments.