Education and Standards Committee

The Education and Standards Committee (ESC) advises the RPS Education and Professional Development Directorate, and thereby makes recommendations to RPS Assembly, in relation to the RPS Education and Workforce strategy. 

ESC provides strategic and expert advice relating to education and workforce development across GB and as part of the RPS role internationally; and fulfils the role of overarching quality assurance for all RPS assessments and credentialing activity, specifically to approve RPS frameworks, curricula and assessment regulations and processes.

ESC's main function is to draw on the expertise of its members, singularly and collectively, to provide the following:

  1. Draw on evidence to support the RPS national boards and Assembly on matters relating to education and workforce development
  2. Provide expertise to help create coherent professional responses to emergent workforce and education issues across England, Scotland and Wales.
  3. Support the ongoing work of the RPS in education and professional development including the development, implementation and dissemination of curricula, credentialing and assessments at foundation, advanced and consultant level practice
  4. Approve RPS educational frameworks, curricula and syllabi
  5. Approve RPS assessment regulations
  6. Ratify Foundation Pharmacist Assessment Panel and Advanced Pharmacist Assessment Panel assessment decisions
  7. Maintain oversight of the academic and operational quality of RPS assessment activities
  8. Communicate the work of the committee to internal and external stakeholders.
  9. Lead and encourage membership of the RPS across pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists involved in education and training
  10. Work with other organisations

Expert member specification:

  • Nationally and possibly internationally recognised as an expert in education and/ or workforce development
  • Possesses current knowledge and expertise in a relevant area of education encompassing undergraduate, Pre-Registration and postgraduate and/or has an excellent understanding of best practice in the assessment of healthcare professionals
  • High level of involvement in institutional roles and professional organisations
  • High professional standing and reputation

All members' specification:

  • Demonstrate leadership and management skills commensurate with their role
  • RPS member (where eligible)
  • Conform to RPS code of conduct for members of governance bodies
  • Declare any conflicts of interest, and to act in an open and transparent manner without undue influence.
  • Not an elected member of RPS national boards (except for observers outlined above)