Education and Standards Committee

Education and Standards Committee (ESC)

We are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Chair for the Education and Standards Committee. Professor Andy Husband, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Head of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Newcastle will take up the role of Chair on January 1st 2021. We would also like to extend our thanks to Raminder Sihota and Peter Kopelman who have previously chaired the committee. 

The Education and Standards Committee has two primary functions: -

  • To provide advice and make recommendations to the RPS Education and Professional Development Directorate, and in turn RPS Assembly, in relation to the RPS Education and Workforce strategy
  • To fulfil the role of overarching quality assurance for all RPS credentialing and assessments, specifically to approve RPS frameworks, curricula and assessment regulations and processes.

The ESC provides strategic and expert advice relating to education and workforce development across GB and as part of the RPS role internationally. 

The Committee does not have a governance function in terms of policy decision making or oversight of the delivery of the business plan of the Education and Professional Development Directorate. 

It does have an important role in the quality assurance of RPS assessments through oversight and ratification of decisions made by the Foundation Pharmacist and Advanced Pharmacist Assessment Panels as well as the Assessment Regulatory Panel. 

The Committee reports to the RPS Assembly. It also works closely with the RPS National Boards. There are interdependencies and cross fertilisation across a range of RPS Committees and Advisory Groups. 


  • Raminder Sihota (Interim Chair)
  • Anthony Cox
  • Ruth Edwards
  • Ryan Hamilton
  • Fiona Hughes
  • Andy Husband
  • Sally Lau
  • Reema Patel
  • Vicky Richmond
  • Debra Roberts
  • Mathew Shaw
  • Heather Smith
  • Lynne Smith
  • Anne Watson