Hospital Expert Advisory Group

Listen to Jatinder Harchowal, RPS HEAG Chair, discuss Foundation training, the use of medicines in different temperatures and Hospital benchmarking metrics with Chris John from the RPS.

Supporting the RPS and the profession

For the purpose of this group, hospital practice includes providers of pharmacy services in or to acute, mental health, private, community services, prison, hospice and ambulance settings. 

It also covers areas of practice where hospital pharmacy expertise and influence is required to improve care e.g. whole health economy solutions to medicines optimisation challenges.

If you're a hospital pharmacist, visit our dedicated Hospital Pharmacy page.

Currently the Hospital Expert Advisory Group (HEAG) is supporting the RPS and the profession by:

For more detailed information about the work of HEAG summary notes of all meetings can be found here: 

01/12/2016 | 14/06/16 | 03/05/17 | 25/01/18 | 13/12/18

If you'd like to join the RPS Hospital Expert Advisory Group email [email protected]

See the group’s terms of reference.


  • Jatinder Harchowal (Chair)
  • Catherine Picton (Professional Secretary)
  • Yousaf Ahmad
  • Amanda Bevan
  • Mark Borthwick
  • David Campbell
  • David Cook
  • Thomas Cox
  • Melinda Cuthbert
  • Andrew Davies
  • Rob Duncombe
  • Matthew Elswood
  • Oweikumo Eradiri
  • David Erskine
  • Roger Fernandes
  • Steve Gage
  • Karen Harrowing
  • Liz Kay
  • Raliat Onatade
  • Caroline Parker
  • Sumara Parvez
  • Graeme Richardson
  • Tracy Rogers
  • Paula Russel
  • Rahul Singal
  • Steve Tomlin
  • Janice Watt