Hospital Expert Advisory Group (HEAG)

Experts in hospital pharmacy

For the purpose of this group, hospital practice includes providers of pharmacy services in or to acute, mental health, private, community services, prison, hospice and ambulance settings. 

It also covers areas of practice where hospital pharmacy expertise and influence is required to improve care e.g. whole health economy solutions to medicines optimisation challenges.

The Hospital Expert Advisory Group (HEAG) has supported the RPS and the profession by:

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HEAG meetings


18 January - Agenda and outcomes

23 May - 

19 September - 


19 January - Agenda with outcomes

18 May - Agenda with outcomes

21 September - Agenda with outcomes


8 June - Agenda with outcomes

21 September - Agenda with outcomes


Chair - Roger Fernandes

  • Ahmed Alnagar
  • Richard Bateman
  • Melanie Bryan
  • Melinda Cuthbert
  • Oweikumo Eradiri
  • Stuart Evans
  • Steve Gage
  • Susan Gibert
  • Nicola Greenhalgh
  • Benjamin Hannan
  • Raliat Onatade
  • Matthew Prior (Deputy Chair)
  • Eilis Rahill
  • Graeme Richardson
  • Tracy Rogers
  • Ravijyot Saggu
  • Rahul Singal
  • Holly Stokes
  • See Mun Wong