Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group (IPAG)

RPS Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group (IPAG) provides a source of expertise on issues of pharmacy practice which impact on patients, the public, and the profession.

IPAG is a consultative group to the Boards of the RPS, acting as a source of expertise and advice, and providing evidenced-based leadership and opinion to inform RPS policy decisions and advice to government and other organisations.

The main aim of IPAG is to provide leadership in practice, identify and track the changing healthcare environment, advise on the implications for the industrial sector and the RPS and also highlight the changing professional needs and competencies of its members.

Read the Terms of Reference for the Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group (IPAG).


  • Sunayana Shah (Chair)
  • Neel Bhatt
  • Ciara O'Brien
  • Jeremy Clarke
  • Vito Constanza
  • Diar Fattah
  • Sarah Goffin
  • Hari Harrar
  • Pervaise Khan
  • Sue Kilby
  • Yetunde Kolade
  • Jenifer Mains
  • Stephen Makin
  • Ricardo Martinez-Moreno-Davila
  • Jane Nicholson
  • Mine Orlu
  • Marco Picone
  • Kendall Pitt
  • Robert Smith
  • Rebecca Stanbrook
  • Pratik Thakkar

The EIPG newsletter

Read the official newsletter of the European Industrial Pharmacists' Group.

  • Read the September 2021 newsletter
    In this September issue, you'll find articles on The opportunity for repurposing of oncology medicines, Combination products between medicines and medical devices, The Pact for research and innovation in Europe, and also a look at Medical Cannabis in Europe.

  • Read the August 2021 newsletter
    In this August issue, you'll find links from each section to the original article on our website at under the News section. Check every Friday for a new article under either Technology & Research, Regulatory Affairs, Business and Policies, EU Focus, or News from EIPG.

  • Read the July 2021 newsletter
    The EIPG monthly newsletter has relaunched! (we'll discuss this during the upcoming General Assembly of EIPG).
    The new project will update regularly, and we hope to make our website and social network more active.
    In this July issue, each section links to the original article on our website under the News section. Check every Friday for a new article under either Technology & Research, Regulatory Affairs, Business and Policies, EU Focus, or News from EIPG.
    Welcome to our new era of our communication!

  • Read the March 2021 newsletter
    You may find interesting news for the public consultation on the new HERA agency, the structured dialogue with the EU Commission to prevent shortages, the annual market report for generics from Medicines for Europe, a new report for the future of European biotechnologies.
    You may also read in the News from EIPG about the EIPG and a joint EIPG & EPSA Webinar to be held in May 2021, and the EAFP course VIRT2UE on Research Integrity to be held in April & May 2021, as well as a call for consultation on the draft toolbox guidance to support quality data packages for PRIME MA applications.
    To all of us celebrating Easter, my warmest greetings you and your loved ones.

  • Read the February 2021 newsletter
    We have a report on the impact of biosimilar competition in Europe, the EMA’s highlights of 2020 (human and veterinary medicines) and the socio-economic impact of Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects.
    Read the ICH Reflection Paper on Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) which is open to public consultation until 7 March 2021 and aims to favour the involvement of patients in the drug development process by identifying key areas where their contribution may result particularly relevant for the quality, relevance, safety and efficiency of the process, as well as to inform regulatory decision-making.
    Finally, on 9 March 2021 Dr Deavin is providing a summary of the Medical Device Regulations, followed by a question-and-Answer session as many participants could not join the webinar on 3 February, and there were many questions.
    A Joint Statement on future modifications to the Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications has been discussed at length with our European partners.

  • Read the January 2021 newsletter
    What are the trends in API's development for 2021, the new joint EMA & HMA's regulatory strategy for the next five years, and how the Pharmaceutical industry will deal all the necessary changes from Brexit. The digital transformation of the Pharmaceutical Industry is a fact and this issue has the survey run by The Reuters and Omnipresence which analysed how the COVID-19 pandemic favoured that transformation.
    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued a draft guidance for consultation explaining how sponsors can pursue a parallel Article 58 (EU-M4all) opinion.
    And the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has approved new standards for the initial education and training (IET) of pharmacists in the UK. 

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