Working with other organisations

We work in partnership with organisations in and outside of the profession, across Great Britain and internationally, to ensure the purpose and vision of the Society is accomplished for the benefit of the profession, patient care and public health.

We do this by:

  • Co-producing, where appropriate, and endorsing information which both parties can distribute as appropriate to their stakeholder bodies,
  • Supporting each other to achieve shared goals,
  • Channeling expertise and practice across defined areas of pharmacy practice,
  • Communicating regularly to ensure effective relations and common partnership purpose.

Affiliated Partners

We are working closely with a number of groups, who are seeking to provide services, like training and education, on behalf of the RPS. These are known as Affiliated Partners. RPS Affiliated Partners are membership organisations which closely collaborate and cooperate with the RPS to achieve shared goals and aims. One of the main aspects of affiliation consists of delivering education and training opportunities as well as developing resources to support the professional development of pharmacists.

What we're currently working on

Knowledge Guides (curricula)

The RPS together with specialist interest groups produced a number of Expert Professional Practice (EPP) Curricula. These provided an overview of the recommended knowledge, skills, experiences and behaviours (KSEB) required to practice at foundation, advanced and expert stages in each particular area of practice and were in line with the professional scope set out in the Foundation Practice Framework (FPF) and Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF).

Most of the available versions of the EPP curricula were published in 2014, with an update currently underway. The original EPP curricula has been archived as these documents are no longer up to date. If you would like to access to these archived EPP curricula, please click here.

National Training Programme

RPS Affiliated Partners are key for the RPS to deliver their vision of the pharmacy workforce and the RPS Roadmap to Advanced Practice. Individually, they provide a range of education and training resources and opportunities and, collectively, these resources have now been structured in one single Training Programme to support you through your career. If you are over 2-3 years qualified, the National Training Programme is for you regardless of your sector, area or level of practice. All training provided is quality assured by the RPS, aligning to the Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) and also contributing towards your Faculty journey and continuous professional development.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Have a look at the official launch of the National Training Programme.

Our affiliated partners














Endorsement enables us to provide support and recognition for important pieces of work from other organisations. RPS endorsement grants permission to organisations to use our endorsement on specific resources, events or conferences that are considered to make a valued contribution to patient care. We endorse materials and events from organisations such as royal colleges, specialist groups, charities, and patient organisations

International organisations

We have a keen interest in international pharmacy, and we are an active member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA).