Working with other organisations

We work in partnership with organisations in and outside of the profession, across Great Britain and internationally, to ensure the purpose and vision of the Society is accomplished for the benefit of the profession, patient care and public health.

We do this by:

  • co-producing, where appropriate, and endorsing information which both parties can distribute as appropriate to their stakeholder bodies,
  • supporting each other to achieve shared goals,
  • channeling expertise and practice across defined areas of pharmacy practice,
  • communicating regularly to ensure effective relations and common partnership purpose.

Affiliated Partners

We are working closely with a number of groups, who are seeking to provide services, like training and education, on behalf of the RPS. These are known as Affiliated Partners. RPS Affiliated Partners are membership organisations which closely collaborate and cooperate with the RPS to achieve shared goals and aims. One of the main aspects of affiliation consist in delivering education and training opportunities as well as developing resources to support the professional development of pharmacists.

What we're currently working on

  • Knowledge Guides (curricula)
    The RPS together with specialist interest groups produced a number of Expert Professional Practice (EPP) Curricula. These provided an overview of the recommended knowledge, skills, experiences and behaviours (KSEB) required to practice at foundation, advanced and expert stages in each particular area of practice and were in line with the professional scope set out in the Foundation Practice Framework (FPF) and Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF).
    Most of the available versions of the EPP curricula were published in 2014, with an update currently underway. The original EPP curricula has been archived as these documents are no longer up to date. If you would like to access to these archived EPP curricula, please click here.
  • National Training Programme
    RPS Affiliated Partners are key for the RPS to deliver their vision of the pharmacy workforce and the RPS Roadmap to Advanced Practice. Individually, they provide a range of education and training resources and opportunities and, collectively, these resources have now been structured in one single Training Programme to support you through your career. If you are over 2-3 years qualified, the National Training Programme is for you regardless of your sector, area or level of practice. All training provided is quality assured by the RPS, aligning to the Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) and also contributing towards your Faculty journey and continuous professional development.
    Don't miss out on this opportunity! Have a look at the official launch of the National Training Programme.

Our affiliated partners














Endorsement enables us to provide support and recognition for important pieces of work from other organisations. RPS endorsement grants permission to organisations to use our endorsement on specific resources, events or conferences that are considered to make a valued contribution to patient care. We endorse materials and events from organisations such as royal colleges, specialist groups, charities, and patient organisations

List of endorsements List of endorsements


  Type Endorsement Date

British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA)



BOPA Lung Cancer Study Day 08/09/2011

British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA)

  Event BOPA/UKONS Conference 2011 14/09/2011

British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA)


E-Learning modules on Bowel, lung & skin cancers

British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA)   Published Materials Standards for Pharmacy Verification of Prescriptions for Cancer Medicines 08/04/2013
Consensus panel of Dr Alisa Brotherton, Anne Holdoway, Pamela Mason, Iain McGregor, Barbara Parsons, Dr Rachel Pryke   Published Material Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community 18/06/2012
Ethical Standards in Health and Life Sciences   Published Material Guidance on collaboration between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry 02/04/2012
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom   Event Annual Symposium 2012 - Life or livelihood: Does adherence to medicines matter? Would you think differently if yours depended on it? 31/10/2012
IBD Standards - Standards for the Healthcare of People who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 2013 Update   Published Material IBD Standards 2013 Update 03/10/2013
International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)    Event Dublin 2013 FIP World Congress (31th Aug - 5th Sept 2013) 28/11/2012
Midlands and East NHS, West Midlands Local Education Training Board   E-Learning Standard Computerised Revalidation Instrument for Prescribing and Therapeutics - Dementia Friendly Prescribing  25/01/2013
National Osteoporosis Society   Published Material Vitamin D and Bone Health: A Practical Clinical Guideline for Patient Management 24/03/2013
National Pharmacy Clinical Trials Advisory Group   Published Material Professional Guidance on Pharmacy Services for Clinical Trials - Version 1, October 2013 14/10/2013
    Published Material National electronic Library for Medicines Management Overview - Public Health-Related Services Provided by Community Pharmacy in the UK 26/10/2011
NHS   E-learning centre Senior Pharmacist Leadership Development Centre 30/11/2011
NHS Employers and PSNC   Published Material

Guidance for hospital pharmacists, doctors, nurses and NHS managers working in secondary care about community pharmacy services

Guidance for community pharmacists about how to engage with hospital colleagues

Hospital Patient Information Leaflet

Referral form

NICE   Published Material Quality Standard 61: Infection prevention and control 17/04/2014
Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)   Published Material Substance Misuse and Associated Health;Prescription and over-the-counter medicines, misuse and dependence factsheets (The Problem, Prevention, Identification, Treatment) 04/07/2014
NICE   Published Material Quality Standard 64: Feverish illness in children under 5 years 18/07/2014
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics   Published Material Health Advice to Pilgrims to Hajj & Umrah


Royal College of General Practitioners Secure Environment Group   Published Material Safer Prescribing in Prisons, Guidance for clinicians RCGP Secure environment Group 25/10/2011
Royal College of Physicians, Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicines   Published Material Safe and Secure Administration of Medication in Police Custody 25/10/2011
South London HIEC Community Pharmacy    E-learning Medicines Adherence in Diabetes e-learning package
Module Unit 1: Assessing and addressing adherence in diabetes
Module Unit 2: Using consultation skills to identify & address patient non-adherence in diabetes 
National Pharmacy Clinical Trials Advisory Group   Published Material Clinical Trials: Professional Guidance on Pharmacy Services for Clinical Trials 18/10/2013
Gary Warner   Published Material Continuing Competency Declaration for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination 18/10/2013
BASHH Clinical Standards Unit plus co-optees   Published Material Standards for the management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 02/12/2013
NICE   Published Material Quality Standards Feverish illness in children under 5 years (NICE) 08/07/2014
NHS Glasgow and Greater Clyde   Published Material Palliative Care Resources for Community Pharmacy 24/07/2014
Substance Misuse and Associated Health   Published Material Addiction to Medications Leaflets 04/07/2014
NHS England, County Durham and Darlington   Event Improving chemotherapy in the North East and Cumbria 11/09/2014
Healthcare Communications   Published Material A Practical Guide for Lung cancer Nutritional Care 21/10/2014
UKCPA   Event Pharmacy Infection Network masterclass 2015 17/11/2014
UKCPA   Event Critical Care and Cardiac Groups' Joint Masterclass 26/11/2014
Professional Record Standards Body   Published Material Guidelines for informing use of e-mail in health and social care ( in England) 12/12/2014
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health   E-learning Paediatric Care Online-PCO UK Paediatric educational initiative  and MedsIQ 30/01/2015
NHS England- Renal Registry   Published Material Pharmacists Thinking Kidneys 26/02/2015
National Osteoporosis Society (NOS)   Published Material Effective Secondary Prevention of Fragility Fractures: Clinical Standards for Fracture Liaison Services 27/04/2015
The National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (NACC)   Published Material My Crohn's and Colitis Care 29/04/2015
NHS England   Published Material Safer,faster,better:good practice in delivering urgent and emergency care 11/06/2015
NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service   Published Material Improving the Quality of Medicines Reconcilitation : A Best Practice Resource and Toolkit 17/06/2015
NHS England   Published  Material What is a Biosimilar Medicine? 22/06/2015
Mouth Cancer Foundation   Campaign Mouth Cancer Self Examination Campaign -Bite Back at Mouth Cancer 30/06/2015
Wessex Academic Health Science Network   Published Material AHSN support for a national template and core data for electronic transfer of care around medicines: the case for clinical handover to community pharmacy 31/07/2015
 NHS England   Published Material What is Medicines Optimisation?  17/08/2015
Public Health England   Published Material TARGET Treating Your Infection leaflet - community pharmacy leaflet and Out of Hours 19/08/2015
Pfizer   Campaign Are you getting the best from your medicines? Medicines Optimisation Camapign (digital version) 24/09/2015
Merck Sharp & Dohme   Published Material MSD HIV Medicines Optimisation toolkit  24/09/2015
NIHR CLAHRC North West London Chelsea and Westminster hospital NHS Foundation Trust   Published Material STOPIT medication review Screening Tool for Older Peoples' Inappropriate Treatment medicines Summary 24/09/2015
Carers Trust   Published Material Protecting Carers from the flu. All you need to know and how you can help 28/09/2015
NHS England:Coalition for Collaborative Care   Published Material Person-centred care for long term conditions: 'Our Declaration' 29/09/2015
Directorate of Pharmacy and Medicines Management,The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust   Published Material Medicines Support Needs Assessment 02/10/2015
Royal College of Anaesthetists, Faculty of Pain Medicine   Published Material Core Standards for Pain Management Services 07/10/2015
NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service   Published Material Community Pharmacy Audit on Hydration Messages to Prevent Acute Kidney Injury 26/10/2015
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust   Event 3rd Anti-infectives Educational Conference;Bugs and infections 16/11/2015
NICE Implementation Collaborative (NIC) in association with Astra Zeneca   Published Material NSTEACS: aiming to improve patient outcomes and experiences 25/11/2015
Intercollegiate    Published Material Safeguarding children and young people:roles and competencies for health care staff, third edition 01/12/2015
Prostate Cancer UK   E-learning Prostate Cancer UK:Online Learning platform for Pharmacists 17/12/2015
NHS England   Resource Material

Stopping Over-medication of People with Learning Disabilities (STOMPwLD) 2016 Reducing Inappropriate Psychotropic Drug use in People with a Learning Disability

Scottish Palliative Care Pharmacists' Association and Macmillan Pharmacy Service Team   Published Material National Palliative Care Resource 22/01/2016
Department of Health   Published Material Improving the physical health and wellbeing of people with mental health problems; Actions for mental health nurses 02/02/2016
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS), Health Education England (HEE), and the Thames Valley & Wessex NHS Chief Pharmacists Group   E-Learning Medicines Learning Portal 08/03/2016
Mencap   Published Material Easy read documents;What is a Medicine Use Review; What is the New Medicine Service 16/03/2016
Pfizer   Published Material The New Medicine Service Toolkit 18/03/2016
Intercollegiate Working Group   Published Material Improving the Physical Health of Adults with Severe Mental Illness 25/04/2016
NHS England   Published Material What is Medicines Optimisation? 24/05/2016
Royal College of Nursing (RCN)   Published Material Antimicrobial Resistance Card, RCN Pocket Guide 2016-17 25/05/2016
Health Education England (HEE)   Published Material Think Sepsis video 21/06/2016
NHS Think Kidneys; UK Renal Registry   Published Material Think Kidneys Public Campaign 29/06/2016
Rheumatology Pharmacy UK   Published Material Rheumatology: Expert Professional Practice Competency Framework and Curriculum 2016 06/07/2016
Royal College of Physicians, Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine   Pubished Material Safe and Secure Administration of Medication in Police Custody 12/07/2016
United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA)   Published Material The Handbook of peri-operative medicines 12/08/2016
Carers Trust   Published Material Carers Trust Young Carers Pharmacy Project 23/08/2016
Professional Record Standards Body   Published Material Crisis Care Documentation Records Standards 25/08/2016
Anaphylaxis Campaign   E-Learning Allergywise for Pharmacists 31/08/2016
Public Health England, Primary Care Unit   Published Material Managing Your Infection; a step by step guide on how to manage your infection 14/09/2016
Public Health England, National Infection Service and British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)   E-Learning TARGET antibiotics webinar series, How to optimise antibiotic prescribing in primary care 03/10/2016
Professional Record Standards Body   Published Material Consensus Statement;"Better Records for Better Care" 04/10/2016
UK Inhaler Group   Published Material Inhaler Standards and Competency Document 13/10/2016
Roche   Published Material Optimising the use of Cancer medicines: The challenge of precision medicine (Infographic) 14/10/2016
NHS Scotland   Published Material Best practice standards for managing medicines shortages in secondary care in Scotland 03/11/2016
Public Health England   Published Material   TARGET Treating your Urinary Symptoms, UTI Leaflet 23/11/2016
The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry; Rheumatology Inititaive   Published Material Getting the Most from your Inflammatory Arthritis Medicines 30/11/2016
National Osteoporosis Guideline Group   Published Material Clinical Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis 30/11/2016
Public Record Standrads Body for Health and Social Care   Published Material Discharge Summary Phase 2 and Mental Health Discharge Summary 13/12/2016
Pharmacy Voice, PSNC   Published Material The Community Pharmacy Forward View: Making it Happen, microsite and implementation framework 16/01/2017
Imperial College Healthcare Trust   Event 4th Antimicrobials Educational Conference; Bugs and Infections 17/01/2017
NHS England   Event NHS RightCare Medicines Optimisation conferences 24/01/2017
British Thoracic Society   Published Material Guidelines for Oxygen Use in Adults in Healthcare and Emergency Settings 16/02/2017
East  Midlands  Academic Health Science Network   Published Material East Midlands Frontline Pharmacy Strategy 23/02/2017
Health and Protection of Rights Division, Scottish Government   Published Material NHS Scotland Lithium Physical Health Monitoring Standards 25/04/2017


  Published Material Pfizer Healthy Partnerships Scottish Smoking Cessation Scratch Card and Scottish Right Route: Right Care Campaign 08/05/2017
Royal College of Nursing   Published Material Political Leadership Programme - Antimicrobial Stewardship (PLP AMS) 26/05/2017
Royal College of Nirsing   Published Material

RCN Nursing Essentials Pocket Guide, Antibiotic Resistance Reference card 2017-2018

PSNC   Published Material "Walk in my Shoes" Template Toolkit 26/06/2017
Royal College of Physicians   Published Material Supporting Junior Doctors to be Safe Prescribers 05/07/2017
The Haemochromatosis Society   Published Material Genetic Haemochromatosis: A Guide for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians 11/07/2017
London School of Economics (LSE) Enterpise   Published Material Improving Access to Contraception report 17/07/2017
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)   Video Valproate Video for Healthcare Professionals 25/07/2017
West Midlands Centre for Adverse Drug Reactions   Event How We can All Make Drug Treatment Safer conference 26/07/2017
Pharmacy Resaerch UK (PRUK)   Published Material PRUK Mentoring Scheme 31/07/2017
Pfizer   Published Material Antimicrobial Stewardship; "We All Have a Part to Play" Campaign 01/08/2017
Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)   Published Material Outpatient Letter Standards 23/08/2017
NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service   Published Material Community Pharmacy Oral Anticoagulant Safety Audit 11/09/2017
National Homecare Medicines Committee   Published Material Handling Complaints and Incidents in Homecare 14/09/2017
ABPI Dermatology Initiative and Expert Working Group   Published Material ABPI Dermatology Initiative and Expert Working Group report, "Making Real Our Shared Vision for the NHS: Optimising the Treatment and Care of People with Long-Term Skin Conditions in England" 21/09/2017
The AMR Project   Event Antimicrobial Resistance Conference: Advocating a Behaviour Change 11/10/2017
Hilary Franklin Healthcare Communications   Published Material Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community 12/10/2017
Royal College of Physicians (RCP)   Published Material

Planning for every breath, National Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Audit Programme: Primary care audit (Wales) 2015-2017

National Osteoporosis Society   Published Material Quality Standards for Osteoporosis and Prevention of Fragility Fractures 31/10/2017
Association for Young people's Health   Letter Joint letter about the impact of e-cigarettes on young people 01/11/2017
Pfizer Healthy Partnerships   Published Materials Medicines Optimisation Campaign 2017 03/11/2017

International organisations

We have a keen interest in international pharmacy, and we are an active member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA).