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Has Chris found a peer?

Chris JohnHas a letter post-marked ‘Canada Square’ dropped on your door mat yet?  You know!  The one informing you that your CPD revalidation records have been selected for review by the GPhC (that’s if you revalidated for the first time at the end of October 2018).  No me neither. So I am getting on with planning my peer discussion so it’s ready (along with my 4 CPD records and reflective account) to be pinged to the GPhC by 31 October 2019.

In my last post I said I’d text my colleague to ask if she would be my peer.  Thankfully the response was positive so now I have a peer who I shall call RX for the purposes of this blog.  RX asked if I would be her peer too and I of course said ‘yes’. Of course we do need to have two completely separate discussions to do this – we just need to work out do we do them on the same day or different days. As I have now dealt with the ‘who’ as well as the ‘what’ in this peer discussion blog, I can now move onto the ‘where’.

Thankfully dry January is now over – my peer discussion with my colleague therefore could take place in a pub. But it definitely won’t be (because I can’t risk one drink being too many and several more not enough – it wouldn’t be good for my health or my professional development). We need to find somewhere quiet so we can talk in safe, confidential space for about an hour.  I know a good coffee place that has a quiet corner and a comfy sofa near where RX works.  The only problem is it’s near the BBC and I might get distracted by the newsreaders and One Show people that sometimes walk in.

Perhaps I can book a quiet office at work.  I’d prefer this to the phone or webchat or video call (all allowed alternatives).  If we can agree a date it’ll make me focus to prepare what to discuss (I can also send her the RPS prompt sheet for how to be a good peer!).  I think I want to discuss a role I have on a panel which involves lively discussions and requires me to know my facts and communicate effectively.  I’ll send RX a summary of my role and ask her if we can discuss how I can improve my practice here.  As it’s about communication, it might also be a useful example for my reflective account…

Right I’d better check the post to see if anything has come from London E14!

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