Royal Pharmaceutical Society

What I learned on the RPS Tabletting technology course

By Kaium Shah, Formulation and Development Scientist, Almac Group

Why I went on the course

As a Formulation & Development Scientist, it is my responsibility to ensure that I take each client’s project through its lifecycle. Depending on the project, I might need to perform pre-formulation research or formulation development to ensure processes are designed to accommodate scale-up.

In the pharmaceutical industry, we are involved in the development of all aspects of the processes used in the manufacture of solid oral dosage forms. By attending the tabletting course, I wanted to understand more of the theoretical aspect of the tablet formulation and discuss my project challenges with industry leaders.

What did the course cover?

During the tableting technology course there were many topics which gave a deep insight of the wider influence governing tableting. These include some of the following: The importance of the physical form of active pharmaceutical ingredient, film coating formulation, tablet machine and in-process controls.

One of the best parts of attending this course is that you get the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. I found the hands-on practical activities as part of the course most useful.

What did I learn?

I was able to take my theoretical knowledge to another level, especially when it came to problem solving during my own manufactures and discussions with my clients.

I learnt that the physical properties when formulating a product can dictate the product characteristic during down-stream processing. Throughout the day there were tableting demonstrations which really allowed me to gain a full insight into how I could then apply my knowledge in the industry and in real life scenarios.

For anyone looking to go into the formulation and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry I would strongly recommend this course. It provided me with additional industry knowledge that I was not able to gain when either completing my degree or working on set studies as part of my job role.

I also enjoyed the chance to build rapport with those attending the course, through group sessions, coffee breaks and dinner. Although most of them were from different areas of the pharmaceutical industry I felt like we all had a common goal.

Tabletting Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry is an introduction to tabletting and associated processes. This world-leading 3-day course offers a unique opportunity for you to discuss real day-to-day challenges with industry experts.

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