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Why I became an RPS member: consultant pharmacist credentialing

I’m a Senior Pharmacist in Rheumatology Biologics and I’ve really benefitted from joining RPS during the consultant pharmacist credentialing process.

Since the launch of the consultant pharmacist credentialing process back in October 2020, RPS have introduced a number of benefits for members to support them on their credentialing journey, including webinars and a mentoring platform.

RPS have provided a structured curriculum to follow and a variety of Supervised Learning Event (SLE) templates to help me demonstrate my competence against the curriculum outcomes. 

I’ve found the free webinar series for members motivating, and they’ve helped me to grasp what’s expected of myself and my collaborators when completing the SLEs. The group format means I can pick up on some of the queries that others have asked, including things that I hadn’t yet come across or thought about. The webinars are even recorded, so I can watch back if I miss the live event.

As a result of the webinar series and expert mentoring service, I’ve recently undertaken my first clinical SLE within the RPS consultant pharmacist e-portfolio. I conducted a Case Based Discussion,  within the e-portfolio and arranged this to be undertaken with the speciality doctor overseeing the patient. We met to discuss the case  in advance, and I sent the doctor the RPS credentialing Collaborator Guidance and Quick Reference Guide, as well as a list of relevant potential descriptors as a guide for discussion. As a result, I’ve recorded this SLE within the RPS e-portfolio and I’m looking forward building my evidence throughout my credentialing journey.

I also used the RPS Expert Mentoring Platform to build an individual relationship with my mentor, who is already a Consultant Pharmacist.  Although I’d put in place the suggested formal mentors for the credentialing process, it quickly became apparent that I required an existing Consultant Pharmacist as a mentor. I completed my mentee profile and then was able to look at potential mentors, before having a request accepted in a matter of hours. I can ask specific questions relevant to my development to ensure I am progressing in the right way. I have monthly meetings with my mentors which are arranged in advance and I’ve found hugely beneficial.

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