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Collecting items to represent LGBTQIA+ experience

This LGBT+ history month we’re asking for your donations to address the historic lack of diversity in the RPS Museum’s collection.

It’s the Museum’s role to protect and preserve the heritage of the profession and we make every effort to represent the different stories and experiences of the people that make up the profession, past and present.

It can be difficult to represent different perspectives when there is a lack of material in the collection. It can be even more difficult when trying to represent those in the past who were not able to live as or express their authentic selves.

During LGBT+ history month we want your help in growing our collection of LGBTQIA+ material so we can tell the stories that were marginalised in the past. Known as contemporary collecting, it ensures there are no historic gaps in our collections and allows us to take steps to ensure that all aspects of pharmacy heritage are represented.

While we already have a number of objects relating to the LGBTQIA+ experience from a patient’s perspective, we want to show a more complete picture of the LGBTQIA+ experience today.

If you have any material that you would like to donate to the museum, such as material from a Pride event, rainbow pins or lanyards, or material from staff support networks, please do contact the museum at [email protected]. We would love to hear any stories behind the objects that can bring them to life.

By collecting a range of different objects and materials, we can help paint a picture of the range of experiences of pharmacists, reflecting what the profession is like today to create a valuable resource for the future.


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