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Keep calm and concentrate: handy revision tips for pre-registration trainees

Blog by Jessica Sheridan-Sneyd

With the final pre-registration exam approaching, many of you will be starting to think about how to prepare for it. We’ve put our top revision tips together to help you get started:

Plan, plan, plan
First things first: get a rough plan together outlining what you are going to revise and when. Pin it on your wall. It will help you stay focused and avoid wasting valuable time in the midst of revision hell.  Use the exam syllabus to make sure you cover all areas.


Take regular breaks
You’ll find that you are more productive if you schedule in short breaks away from revision. Completely clear your mind, and try to get some fresh air or do some exercise.

What works best for you?
There is no one rule to fit all. Work out the revision methods that suit you best, and think of new ways to go over the same subjects. Plan some group sessions in to bounce ideas off each other and boost morale.

Make sure you’re familiar with the BNF and BNFC
Don’t forget that you need the BNF for your exam. It comes out in March and is available to pre-order now. You can use your membership number to get 50% off.

Practice makes perfect
Attend one of our popular revision courses which include a mock exam and advice from experienced pharmacists. Go over sample papers to give you an idea of what to expect and identify areas of weakness.

Use revision guides
Handy revision guides include ONtrack (members can access 30 days for free) and get discounts on our Pre-Reg revision guides and other Pharmaceutical Press books.

GPhC standards and guidance
Candidates are expected to be familiar with the GPhC’s standards and guidance documents.

And finally, try not to get too stressed. Your revision sessions will be more fruitful if you keep calm and concentrate. Take a deep breath and smile!

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